The Journey Begins 

January 10, 2012

Heather meets Kizungu Hubert, a Congolese man who is caring for 16 orphans.

M23 Rebels Take Over Goma City

June 2012

Heather, her sisters and friends pledge funds to build a home for the 16 orphans who have been evicted.

The Children Move Into Their New Home

January 10,2013

There are now 80 orphans in Kizungu’s care. Heather begins to paint portraits of all the children.

Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre

February 2014

Heather visits the children for the first time with Cathy Cleary. Cathy and husband Randy buy land and a building directly behind the Children’s home. The Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre is born.

The Wall Of Courage

May 2014

Heather holds an art show where the Wall of Courage concept is created. A sponsorship program for the children is introduced.
4 months later, all 80 children are sponsored. Shelter, education and food costs are now partially subsidized.

Idjwi Island

September 2014

Steve Deguise buys a parcel of land to grow food for the children on Idjwi Island.

Inspired To Take Action

June 2015

Heather holds another art show featuring more Wall Of Courage paintings from the last year. Mike and Tammy Veale see the paintings and are inspired to buy land to build a school. Mike and Carole Holiday see this same Art show and also offer to build the school. There are now 135 orphaned children in the program. Constant fundraising is happening through Heather’s gallery.

The School

November 2015

Construction begins for the The Jonathan Holiday School.

The Wall Tours

June 2016

The Wall of Courage is completed and it begins its tour to 7 locations in 2 years. From Ottawa, to Grand Rapids Michigan, all the way to Seaside, Florida

School Begins

September 2016

The Jonathan Holiday School is finished and opened. 400 children are now being educated for free.

A Medical Clinic

October 2016

Steve Deguise offers to renovate one of the buildings on Idjwi Island into a medical centre.

Medical Centre & More Connections

April 2017

A connection to Cura For The World is made through one of the audience members at Heather’s Wall of Courage exhibition in Florida.  Cura, along with funding from Doterra Essential Oils and on going support from KOPI, build a medical centre on the Women’s Centre land.

Routes Academy

June 2018

Vicky Pearson begins building a 6 room school on Idjwi Island. Routes Academy is conceived

September 2018

Over 650 children are now being educating for free.